Congregation Access

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Help us keep our records and information current/accurate.  We want nothing more than to help those who have been placed in our spiritual care.  It is a popular notion that the world is more connected than ever with the onset of social media.  However, we find as a society we are more disconnected than ever.

We are excited to provide “The Congregation Access” feature which allows members and active attendees of our church to access and update their own profiles and information.  Members can access their own picture, address directories, and calendar events as well.  Future developments include online contribution statements.

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Note: This will open to a new website and new tab on your browser.

If your email address is not already part of the system, fill out the form and we will receive notification of your desire to connect.  Online access is only available to those with an email address.  However, your information is still important to us.  Contact the pastor or other member of the church to be included in the directory information.


Administrative Team, Click Here to connect to the admin site.